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AMARI: African Mental Health Research Initiative



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main office

University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences, Mazowe Street, Avondale
Harare, PO Box A178, Zimbabwe


The African Mental Health Research Initiative (AMARI) is a mental health research capacity building grant funded through the Developing Excellence in Leadership, Training and Science (DELTAS) in Africa, a programme of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) implemented with the support of Wellcome Trust and the UK Department of International Development. 

AMARI is a consortium of four African universities, supported by three UK universities, whose overall goal is to build an Africa-led network of future leaders in mental, neurological and substance use (MNS) research in Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

AMARI aims to equip researchers to lead high quality mental health research programmes that meet the needs of their countries, and to establish a sustainable career path for these researchers. A particular focus is on integrating MNS research into existing programmes such as HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health work.


Areas of Research


Assessing for neuro-cognitive disorders associated with HIV. Improving sex-workers' adherence to HIV antiretroviral medication.

overcoming addiction

Experiences of recovery from substance misuse through finding new roles in life. Intervention in emergency room settings for alcohol and drug misuse.

maternal & child health

Impact of maternal depression on mother-to-child HIV transmission. Psycho-social interventions to treat peri-natal depression.

mental health in physical disease

Validating screening tools for depression in non-communicable diseases like diabetes. Assessing interactions of psychiatric and physical medications.

serious mental illness

Trans-generational impact of Serious Mental Illness in families, and the economic costs of SMI. Psycho-social interventions for Bipolar Disorder in primary care. Understanding cognitive impairment in psychosis.

caregiver burden

Understanding the challenges faced by those who care for people with serious medical conditions.