AMARI: the African Mental Health Research Initiative

Our research work

Mental health, Neurological and Substance misuse (MNS)

Mental health problems like depression, neurological conditions such as dementia, and substance misuse difficulties - together known as MNS - account for a huge proportion of disease burden in sub-Saharan Africa. Only around ten per cent of people experiencing MNS problems get the treatment they need. Our researchers are working to reduce this treatment gap by first understanding MNS conditions in sub-Saharan Africa, then designing and testing treatments to get people the help they need.


mental health

Looking at the impact of conditions such as depression during pregnancy and following childbirth. Considering the effect of mental health problems on management of physical diseases such as diabetes. Studying impact of being a carer for people with serious conditions.


cognitive functioning

Assessing for changes in cognitive functioning among specific populations, such as people who have HIV / AIDS, or those who have had psychotic episodes. Understanding these differences can help provide treatment.


overcoming addiction

Experiences of recovery from substance misuse through finding new roles in life. Intervention in emergency room settings for alcohol and drug misuse. Working out when Khat use becomes problematic and impacts on mental health.