phd fellow

Yohannes Gebreegziabhere

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Addis Ababa University

Yohannes is a second cohort AMARI fellow. He obtained his first degree in Nursing from Hawassa University, Ethiopia in 2009. Afterwards he joined Debre Berhan University, Ethiopia, and worked in a number of academic positions. After eighteen months he moved to Jimma University, Ethiopia, for his second degree and graduated in 2013 with a MSc in Integrated Clinical and Community Mental Health. Then he returned to Debre Berhan University to work as a lecturer for four years before beginning his AMARI fellowship in March 2017.

Yohannes is primarily interested in working with people who suffer from severe mental illness, especially psychosis and schizophrenia. His thesis for the AMARI fellowship focuses on assessment of cognition in people with schizophrenia in Ethiopia. Yohannes plans to evaluate the psychometric properties of different instruments currently available, before progressing to develop a culturally-adapted tool for the assessment of cognition in schizophrenia suitable for use in research and clinical settings. 


Prof Atalay Alem, Addis Ababa University